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Bob the Ball

By Michael - 11-19-03

OK, here it is! You need Flash 5 to view it. Sound is essential. You may also need a Pentium II or higher computer. By the way, this thing eats a LOT of RAM, so be sure to have at least 64 MB free.

Disclaimer: This animation contains graphic violence and profanity. I wouldn't recommend watching it at work. Mom? Dad? You don't want to watch this one.

Oh, there also might be an Easter egg (hidden scene) somewhere in there.

Watch "Bob the Ball" at the following sites:

Download in iPod format (11.2 MB M4V File - Right click or Ctrl+Click to save to your computer)

If you liked this animation, it only takes a minute to vote for it on Newgrounds! Good votes boost my self esteem! (Link may contain adult banner ads)

Production Notes:

This animation is actually based on an art class assignment from high school. We were to write a children's book about a ball that somehow got lost, got injured, got repaired, and then finds his way home. I thought to myself, "I wish I still had that children's book. I'd put it up on the site!" I doubt the original still exists, so I decided to recreate it in Flash. The Flash version's storyline is much different than the original. For example, the original did not contain any violence, gore, or profanity.

The artwork was created using a combination of 3D models, toys, photographs, and Photoshop effects.

The music? Hey, that's just me jamming out.






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