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Bob the Ball - Episode Two

By Michael - 05-25-04

OK, here it is! If you can't see anything below, you need Flash 5. Sound is essential. You may also need a Pentium II or higher computer. By the way, this thing eats a LOT of RAM, so be sure to have at least 64 MB free.

Disclaimer: This animation contains graphic violence and profanity. I wouldn't recommend watching it at work.

Oh, no Easter egg this time around. I just didn't have room for it!

Watch "Bob the Ball - Episode 2" at the following sites:

Download in iPod format (37.8 MB M4V File - Right click or Ctrl+Click to save to your computer)

If you liked this animation, it only takes a minute to vote for it on Newgrounds! Good votes boost my self esteem! (Link may contain adult banner ads)

Production Notes:

Okay folks, here's episode 2! Sorry about the file size. Some parts of this animation may not make sense unless you've seen part 1 first, so go ahead and do that. I'll wait.

Ok. As before, the artwork was created using a combination of 3D models, photographs, and Photoshop effects. Very little was hand-drawn.

This thing eats a LOT of RAM, so be sure to have at least 64 MB free.

There's no Easter egg this time around. I simply didn't have the room for it!






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