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Man with PS3 Continues Playing Final Fantasy 12

By MaximumTacolord - 11-20-06

Final Fantasy 12 has been out for about two weeks now. Although a lot of people had to take breaks from playing to stand in line for the PS3 launch, we can all finally give it the attention it deserves.

“Yea, it’s been a busy week. That stupid PS3 really wasted my time,” David said. “But now that the console is on EBay I can finally spend my time doing something fun, like playing Final Fantasy 12.”

“Reading all those PS3 launch title reviews is depressing,” Michael said. “Seriously, if you put all the scores together they still wouldn’t be as high as Final Fantasy 12’s. Why do I even bother reading these articles when I know all I’m going to do is level up my characters for the next few weeks?”

“I’m a man who loves his moogles,” says basically everyone who isn’t an unloved communist! “They just get more adorable every time I see them. This time they’re wearing cute little hats. Sometimes you’ll see a big blue puff ball on a tiny little fuzzy moogle. But then you’ll see one without pants and that one is even cuter! A shame everything doesn’t get better with each release like a moogle. This must be at least the third game with moogles. Imagine, a third try that still doesn’t get moogle fur in your mouth!”

“Ugh… I’ve been playing that stupidly wonderful game, FF12, for the last 7 days,” Pat said. “I just couldn’t find a gap to stop playing. Sure I got game overs and had to stop to save. But since I had my food in the mini-fridge within reach and a large bucket to poop in until I just stopped pooping altogether, I never had to turn off my PS2 and do something else. And not a single crash. Not even once, despite the endless hours of game play.”





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