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Psychology Teachers, Lowest of All the Grade Keepers

By MaximumTacolord - 09-11-06

The person lecturing before your classroom has spent at least eight years attempting to learn of the human mind, your mind. Who knows how much time theyíve spent in labs, talking to someone on a couch, or observing a monkey they kept poking with a pointy stick in order to gain their degree. You certainly have no way of telling, because they still teach their classroom like your math teacher.

Just how many times can these grade keepers preach about social justice and individual responsibility from a textbook that cost nearly a hundred dollars, was required, and contained all recycled material from other textbooks already bought by these students with massive student loans? If Iím not mistaken, isnít it against social justice to force students to buy books that have a monopoly on campus and in the academic discipline? I guess this isnít as degrading as a professor asking for questions and getting none and blaming other classrooms for making us so passive. Because Iím sure this professor would love his power challenge by the students. Or even better, have his course loud determined by them. Hell, Iíd be happy if I didnít look like an idiot every time Iíd raise my hand. If I know the answer, Iím a smart ass who wonít shut up. If I donít know the answer, well, Iím an idiot. Iím not seeing much reason to stop being passive here.

What does this tell us about a doctorate in Psychology? Does the algebra II teacher know as much as those grad students who havenít seen a paycheck since high school or have those grad students even learned a single thing about humanity since they gave up eating anything but ramen noodles for 10 years?

Maybe Iím too hard on these psychology teachers. Perhaps those exams have more to do with the real world than I realize. In fact, Iím going to use those skills gained from my personality class to improve this article. Alright, how should I start the next paragraph? A, B, C, or D. Well, the right answer is jumping out at me right away and that is usually the correct one so Iíll just come back to it later.


What about the next question, wait, that chick with the large breasts sitting near me is totally wearing a low cut shirt. Iíll just mark down whatever while I stare at her chest for awhile. Wow, sheís already handing in her exam. Iíd better finish mine while Iím handing it in so I donít miss this chance to ask her out.

Alright, so maybe exams do help us do something. Getting dates and an icebreaker about how much we hate our professors. That is way more appealing than the alternative. Trying to fight against the institution for more student rights. Look what happened to the hippies, gone the way of Socrates. Shunned by society and ordered to drink hemlock.





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