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Here are a few of my favorite websites. Collect them all while supplies last!
Animation Links: - Contains a lot of high-quality Flash animations. - Funny cartoons. Strong Bad Email updated weekly. Every-bo-dy! Every-bo-dy! - Home of "Hard Drinking Lincoln", "Mr. Wong", "Zombie College", and more!

iLL WIll Press - Home of Foamy the Squirrel and Germaine. They put out a new animation every two weeks. Good stuff.

Joe Cartoon - One of the first popular Flash animators. Joe is the creator of "Frog Bender 2000" and "Micro-Gerbil 2001".

Making Fiends - Well-made Flash series by Amy Winfrey. She is also the creator of "Big Bunny". 

Newgrounds - Huge Flash portal. Contains some of the best Flash content on the web, along with some of the worst. Caution: Site contains porno ads. - Home of the "Laid Off" cartoon series. 

Radiskull & Devil Doll - Official Site - A big talking skull and a little devil sing and rap. Joe Sparks (The creator) is also working on a new cartoon show called "Dicky and Jacky".

Rail! Entertainment - Animation - Okay, I've only got a few Flash animations so far...

Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie - I remember these guys from the good old days. Geek humor, comedy skits, audio, video, Flash, stuff like that. I think they're Canadian.

Web Comics:

CTRL+ALT+DEL - A pretty darn good gaming comic. I just recently got into it.

Dilbert - Also known as Dilbert.

Medium Large - A pretty cool web comic.

Penny Arcade Cartoons - Nicely drawn, well-written comics about video games and stuff. This is *THE* gaming webcomic.

Perry Bible Fellowship - Absolutely insane! Where does he come up with this stuff?

PVP - Player vs Player. Another great gaming-related toon. Updated daily.

Geek / Comedy Links:

Fark - Weird news, political flame wars, and great Photoshop contests. - I love this site. 

Maddox (The Best Page In The Universe) - This guy is brilliant. His hate mail responses are the best I've ever seen.

Something Awful - Lowtax is a genius. Updated daily.

TechTales: Tales from the Techs - Tech support stories. Let's make fun of normal people.

X-Entertainment - (Parental Advisory - Language) Funny articles and reviews on the Transformers, He-Man, Star Wars, Vanilla Ice, and others.

Music and MP3 Links:

Beatallica - Beatles songs performed Metallica-style! This guy's James Hetfield impression is perfect!

Bloodhag - Edu-core! A death metal band that dresses like nerds and writes songs about famous authors. These guys can jam.

Official Dead Milkmen Website - Believe it or not, this band is one of the main reasons that I play guitar. They broke up in 1996. The site is maintained by the band, and has links to other Milkmen-related sites. Go to The Dead Milkmen Guitar Tab Project for Dead Milkmen tablature.

Phone On The Cob - This guy talks to telemarketers. Good stuff. - Official Primus Site - The bootleg barn has live Primus recordings.





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