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Knee-Deep Songs

Here are some old songs I recorded with a friend around 8 or 9 years ago! They were recorded on 4-track, so please forgive the sound quality. Here's the band profile from our old page:

Michael Laskaris and Lance Chambers formed Knee-Deep in 1995 in an effort to relieve the extreme boredom of living in Georgia. Basically, they wrote many songs during all-night improvisational jam sessions, and decided to record a few of them for sentimental value. The songwriting philosophy for Knee-Deep was anti-perfection. The tunes would be as loose as possible, often made up on the spot. This gave them the opportunity to have fun, and not take themselves too seriously. In 1996, the band recorded two demo albums: 69 and Right At The Last Minute.

Shortly after
Right At The Last Minute, Knee-Deep drifted apart. The songs, however, are still here. So go ahead and have a listen. Just remember to cover your ears.

*Here are just a few songs from those albums. I'll upload more soon.*

You Suck by Knee-Deep (1996)
GENRE: PUNK /  METAL / PARODY - (2.85 MB) MP3 File
A song about how you suck. This one was a lot of fun to play. It features what I like to call "my nanny nanny boo boo" riff. I played all instruments, Lance did vocals. This song is on my "Top Three Knee-Deep Songs List".

I Hate Everything by Knee Deep (1996)
(2.40 MB) MP3 File
This was one of Lance's favorite songs, and one of my least favorites. A note about the guitar playing - I DO NOT actually play like that. It's a joke. I'm making fun of over-simplistic two-chord alternative songs. Lance (I think) played bass and performed vocals.

Chinese Kat by Knee-Deep (1996)
GENRE: PUNK /  METAL / PARODY - (1.92 MB) MP3 File
This song really isn't about anything in particular, but I think it kinda jams. I played bass and guitar - at the same time! Lance did vocals. You can hear a definite Primus influence.

Coyote Blues by Knee-Deep (1996)
A song about a certain coyote who chases a certain roadrunner. I played all instruments. Lance did vocals. I was never really happy with the way this one turned out. My guitar had too much treble, and Lance's vocals had too much reverb.

Spamburgers by Knee-Deep (1996)
GENRE: PUNK /  METAL / PARODY - (1.97 MB) MP3 File
Here's a song about our favorite tasty treat. I played all instruments and performed vocals on this particular track. I think the rhythm guitars sound fine, but the vocals are as muddy as a hillbilly's pickup truck. The lead guitar also happens to have a little bit too much treble. Enjoy!

Eat Shiznit by Knee Deep (1997)
I recorded this song in 1997, but it didn't get mixed down until 2002. It's a style parody of Ministry's "Reload" from Filth Pig. This tune features Denis Leary voice samples for the "chorus" part. Mom? Dad? You don't want to hear this one.





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